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Learning from Japan: students of 10 schools begin collaborative learning
【師法日本】10校學生 分組討論學習
Teachers from Chayi city visits schools in Japan
Chayi government pronounces to begin learning community
To activate school education, Taipei government pushes teachers’ learning community
活化教育 臺北教育局推動教師學習共同體
Learning community in schools: let’s solve problems in groups
校園學習共同體 小組思考解問題
Facing 12-year compulsory education: No more cram schools!
Focus on listening: Teachers and students form learning communities
師生互凝聽 打造學習共同體
Prof. Sato: schools in Taiwan are large-scaled, depending too much on exams
佐藤:學習共同體 臺灣學校過大、慣用考試
Finding more than one solutions: active curriculums on Math in Keelung
算法不再只有一種 基隆碇內國中活化數學課
Taipei government puts in more money to carry out schools as learning community
推動學習共同體 北市再編2251萬
New Taipei city’s project on creating pilot schools
New Taipei government claims on the year of activated learning
新北學習行動年 建構12項行動主軸
Commissioner of Education in Taipei pays attention on students’ learning: what should we do to raise students’ interest in learning?
丁亞雯關注孩子學習 提高學生學習效果
Taipei provides support for 70 schools to carry out schools of learning community
推學習共同體 北市補助70校
Group learning performs better learning effect
善用小老師 同儕學習效果棒
Learning community in Chung-show junior high school: finding your own answer by thinking
忠孝「學習共同體」 思考得到自己的答案
Prof. Sato shares his three impressions on education in Taiwan
日教育大師佐藤學 分享對台灣教育的三個觀察
Prof. Sato comes! Taipei represents Taiwanese schools as learning community
日教育大師佐藤學 北市重現學習共同體現場
Prof. Sato`s practice on building schools as learning community
日教育專家 倡學習共同體
Prof. Sato: education reform is difficult due to the stubborn system
日本教育家教學改革很難 因為師長很頑固
Talk between Prof. Sato and principles in Taiwan: learning should be student-centered
Changing the desks and chairs into U-shape: teachers and students learn together
北市教室座位ㄇ字形 師生協同學習
Taipei builds pilot schools as learning community
北市推動學習共同體實驗學校 分組同儕學習
90 teachers from Taipei visit schools in Japan
北市推派九十名教師參訪 觀摩學習共同體
Tapei pushes to build learning community: students-centered
北市推學習共同體 學生為核心
Learning community makes the class fun
學習共同體 上課變得熱烈有趣 – 國中小教育
Learning community brings back students’ interests
學習共同體 學生無感變有感
Symposium on learning community: 300 principles learn from Japanese researchers
Revolution on learning—New challenges for 12-year compulsory education
Discussions in history class: Teacher Lin grows students thinking abilities
歷史討論課 林秋蕙老師培養學生思辯能力
No more memorizations in History: creative thinkings in groups
歷史不再死背 分組教學激創意



  • 學習的革命:從教室出發的改革, Common Wealth, 2012.04
  • 學習共同體的構想與實踐, Common Wealth, 2013.08
  • SLC密碼—建構學習共同體學校藍圖, 2013.09



How to get support from parents on building schools as learning community
如何爭取家長對學習共同體的認同與支持 高松景
PDF : 如何爭取家長對學習共同體的認同與支持
Possibilities of building schools as learning community in Taowan
學習共同體在臺灣的可能實踐 謝隆盛
PDF : 學習共同體在臺灣的可能實踐
Visiting schools in Japan: discourse between schools as learning community and education in Taiwan
日本學習共同體與臺灣教育的對話 黃淑馨
PDF : 日本學習共同體與臺灣教育的對話